14 April 2009

Just Can't Trust 'em

When I began searching for my Paternal Grandparent's marriage record, I knew only that they lived in Georgia but were married in South Carolina. I wasn't having much luck. After my Granny died, I was looking through old photos with my Aunt June. It turns out that she already had a copy of the marriage certificate, which she had obtained to help Granny file a delayed birth certificate.

The funny thing? My Grandparents lied! My Granny, Sarah F. (Britt) Craft moved across the state of GA with her father when her parents separated. They moved to Elbert County, where she met my Grandfather, Thomas S. Craft. How'd they meet? According to my Aunt, he drove the School Bus. In 1940, he was 20, she was 14 - but they claimed to be 21 and 19, respectively.


Also, my Granny wrote her own version of her marriage license:

Thomas & Sarah

She notes her witness's, her cousin through her mother's side, Shirley (Howell) Greenway, and his Uncle, on his father's side. She also comments that, "It rained for 2 weeks afterwards and we had a fun time." That bit of humor very much defines my Granny.

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