26 June 2011

DNA in Your Eyes

     One of the neat features available at gedmatch.com, a site to compare genealogical DNA tests between multiple companies, is an eye color prediction tool. This feature is designed to work with 23andMe's V3 test results. (If you haven't uploaded your ftDNA or 23andMe autosomal data to gedmatch.com, do so today). If you have your results uploaded, all you have to do is put in your kit number and gedmatch will generate an image of your eye, based on your DNA.

Here's their projection of my eye color:

Here's a photo of my eye:

     Pretty accurate, huh? They have more "amber" in the prediction than I actually have, but otherwise it's very close. The predictions aren't always so spot on though: my mom has fully brown eyes, but her predictions came up partly blue/grey as well as brown.

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