06 February 2012

On The Move

     I've been a bit remiss not to have posted this sooner: you can now upload your 23andMe raw data to Family Tree DNA. You have until February 10th to get the introductory price of $50 (I'm guessing it will be $100 after that). I've transferred three files over and might do my final file, depending on the state of my finances on the 10th.

     So you can do it, but should you? Yes! If you've taken the 23andMe test and are interested in the ancestry features, this is a great chance to have your data analyzed by another company. And keep in mind that ftDNA is a company focused on genealogy, unlike 23andMe that has been focused on health.  They also have a database of (mostly) new-to-you cousins just waiting to be found.

     There are a few different ways to purchase this test, depending on which tests you've purchased in the past. If you already have an account with ftDNA but have not purchased their Family Finder test, log into your account and purchase it through your My ftDNA page.  If you have a V2 file from 23andMe, you will need to purchase the $50 transfer and a $100 DNA test. The V2 is an older file that cannot be added to ftDNA as is. If you have the V3 test from 23andMe, you can purchase the transfer. For the last two options you will upload your raw data file to ftDNA once you have completed your order.  For complete details, check out the FAQs at ftDNA.

     A final option for those who have not yet purchased a test: purchase a test from 23andMe and immediately go to ftDNA and purchase the transfer.  It'll be about 8 weeks until you can transfer the data, but that shouldn't matter.

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